Internal Analysis


From Private Investors to the Investment Banks, Consultants to Industry Analysts, and Education to Entertainment, the Financial Lotus can be beneficial to a wide range of users.

Consulting Services


Competitive Benchmarking is a critical component of both prospecting consulting services and providing high-quality results to a client. The Financial Lotus is the growing consulting practice standard for company profiling and competitive benchmarking.

Financial Institutions


Industry Analysis requires a great deal of due diligence. While the Financial Lotus does not replace the tedious work of analysts, it does answer the most important first question: Where should I begin?


The uses of the Financial Lotus to any company are vast. Is a company planning and IPO or involved in mergers or acquisitions? What are our relative strengths and weaknesses? How have we grown in the last 5 years? The Financial Lotus can answer all of these questions.

Private Investing & Wealth Management

From Day-Traders to Wealth Management Firms, the Financial Lotus provides a clear and concise picture to aide in the valuation of complex financial data and ratios.

Educational Technology


Financial valuation is one of the most challenging skills to teach. The Financial Lotus takes the vast amount of data students must understand and depicts it in a user-friendly image, clearly communicating the benefits and drawbacks of a wide range of valuation ratios.

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